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Smoke Ninja Handheld smoke machine

Smoke Ninja Handheld smoke machine

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  • The SmokeNINJA is a battery powered, wireless handheld mini fog machine, designed for Photographers, entry-level Videographers and Content Creators.

Rental of Smoke Ninja Handheld smoke machine Includes:

1 x SmokeGENIE Smoke Ninja Handheld Battery-Powered Wireless Mini Smoke Machine
1 x Wireless Remote
1 x Atomizing Smoke Chamber
1 x 100ml of Smoke Cloud Formula Refill and Plastic Screw Cap
1 x USB-C Fast Charging Cable
1 x Dry Ice Nozzle and Long Tube
1 x Short Tube and Jet Tip
2 x Curve Tubes (Joined)
3 x Orange Silicon Tabs
4 x Small Black Tabs
1 x Magnetic Mount Plate
1 x 1/4" Mount Adapter
1 x Smoke Ninja Manual
2 x Smoke Ninja Accessory Ziplocks
1 x Protective Smoke Ninja Case


1 Day Price Excl. GST: $40.00
1 Day Price Incl. GST: $46.00
1 Week Price Excl. GST: $160.00
1 Week Price Incl. GST: $184.00

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