Rental FAQ

How do I become a rental member? 
When renting from us for the first time, you will need to fill in our Sign-up form. We also need some forms of identification. You can find the full details and the rental agreement sign up HERE.

How do I make a booking?
Call, email us or via our online enquiries cart and we will check availability for your requested dates.

Is the equipment insured? 
All our equipment rentals are insured at no extra cost. There is a $1000 excess. Our insurance does not cover water damage or un-attended loss (e.g Stolen from your car while you are not with the gear).

Do you charge a bond fee?
For NZ passport/permanent residency holders, no bond is required. If you hold an overseas passport, you will need to provide additional information (such as Visa) as well as a security deposit/bond.

How long is a rental Day?
Pick up is from 3pm the day before your booking and return before 10am the day after your booking. 
For example: if you book for Wednesday 
Pick up after 3pm on the Tuesday 
Return before 10am on the Thursday
(Rentals over the weekend are charged as a one day rate when picked up after 3pm on the Friday.)

Do you do after hours pick ups/drop offs?
Unfortunately not.

Can I have my item couriered?
Yes. For couriers going outside of Auckland, a minimum 2 day charge and 2 way courier fees apply. We will require at least 3 days notice and full payment must be made before your rental start date. This is to ensure that your rental equipment can be delivered in time for your shoot. Same day service within Auckland may also be possible. 

I'm a New Customer but I don’t live in Auckland, can I still rent? 
Yes, when renting from us for the first time and are unable to visit us in store, you will be required to have the requested identifications sighted and signed by a Justice of the Peace.

Why do you need my passport?
As a part of our rental and insurance agreements, we need a passport for full cover. The copy of your passport stays with us and is not provided to our insurance company unless absolutely necessary.

Do I need to show my ID every time I come in?
No, we only take a copy of your ID's the first time you come in. However, if you move, we will need to update your proof of address.

If I rent something, what’s included?
Unless stated otherwise all our equipment will come with what is necessary to get you started. Each product page on our rentals site will include a list of what is included.

Can I buy the rental gear?
With new gear being released all the time, we often need to sell previous models. However, we do tend to hold onto our most popular equipment. We are happy to answer further questions in store.

What are your opening hours?
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5:30pm. Saturday: 8:30am - 2pm. Sunday: 5pm - 8:30pm. Closed Public Holidays.

Can you show me how to use the gear? Yes, we can show you the basics and for in-depth instruction on usage, please find our reasonably priced inductions HERE. Please contact us to organise a time slot.

When does my rental need to be returned? 
All rental equipment must be returned by 10am. Additional charges apply for late returns.