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Kit: Profoto B1x 500 AirTTL (Duo heads)

Kit: Profoto B1x 500 AirTTL (Duo heads)

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Quick Overview:

  • Shoot with AirTTL or manual mode and connect wirelessly with other AirTTL flashes.

  • Cordless design and wireless controls allows you to shoot without any restraints.

  • 10 times as powerful as the average speedlight, with 500Ws adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments over a 9 f-stop power range.

  • Quickly exchangeable and rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides up to 325 full-power flashes and tens of thousands at lowest power.

  • Fires up to 20 flashes per second, with flash durations of up to 1/19,000s and fast recycling times of 0.05-1.9s.

  • Control ambient light with HSS and create crisp images without motion blur at shutter speeds up to 1/8,000s.

  • Can be wirelessly controlled from up to a 300 m range with any optional Air Remote

  • Powerful and dimmable LED modeling light makes the set-up easy and can also be easily blended with natural light in low light situations.

  • Delivers superior control and quality of light with its built-in reflector.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface with large, high-resolution display.

  • Compatible with our compact, lightweight OCF Light Shaping Tools and 120+ of Profoto's wide range of light shapers.

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  • 2 x Profoto B1x 500w/s Air TTL Head
  • 2 x Manfrotto Alu Ranker Air-Cushioned Light Stand
  • 1 x Profoto Remote (Air Remote TTL for Canon / Nikon/ Sony, or Profoto Air Remote)
  • 4 x Rechargeable AAA Batteries
  • 4 x Li-Ion Battery for B1
  • 1 x Profoto Charger and Powercable
  • 2 x Sandbags

Customer Comments

Comment(s) by Topic

We have both the B1x & B1 available for rental at the same price.

The B1x comes with some improvements to the power perfomance, with more output from the modelling light, better battery performance that will last longer at full power and HSS.

Both are fantastic portal studio flash options that are very popular for the traveling photographer.

We them these available in Single head or Duo head kits.

(Posted on 8/03/2018)

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