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Profoto Air Remote TTL (Choose camera brand)

Profoto Air Remote TTL (Choose camera brand)

Product code:820

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

  • Full E-TTL with B1, B2, D2 Flash Heads

  • Remote Manual Firing of all Air Strobes

  • 8 Channels, 3 Groups

  • First and Rear Curtain Sync

  • Sync Speeds as Short as 1/8,000 Sec.

  • Modeling Light Control, 330-1,000' Range

  • Mini-USB for Firmware Updates

  • +/- 2 Stop Control in TTL

  • +/- 9 Stop Control in Manual

Day Price Excl. GST: $40.00  
Day Price Incl. GST: $46.00  
Week Price Excl. GST: $160.00  
Week Price Incl. GST: $184.00  



  • 1x Profoto Air Remote TTL (Choose between Canon, Nikon, Sony or Fujifilm)
  • 2x AAA Batteries
  • 1x Shoe Base

Customer Comments

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HS-S will activate automatically once your shutter setting reaches HS-S.

You will not see HS-S displayed on the trigger menu until the camera shutter speed is high enough and only when shutter button is triggered.

(Posted on 24/03/2018)

Comment(s) by Topic

To use the Air Remote TTL-S with Sony cameras, make sure you navigate to Flash Mode and change the setting to WL for wireless shooting before using the Air Remote TTL-S

Set the camera’s “Silent shooting” to Off.

(Posted on 7/02/2018)

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